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Bedste mandestripper

Alex blev uddannet revisor – nu er han Danmarks bedste mandestripper !

11 hurtige til mandestripperen (som strippede til min kones polterabend)

Hvorfor blev du mandestripper? ……….   læs artiklen om Bedste mandestripper.

15 december 2018 – English Translation her :

Alex became an accountant  – now he is Denmark’s best male stripper “bedste mandestripper”
By Jesper Olsen

11 quick to the man stripper (who stripped of my wife’s polterabend).

Can women keep the needles for themselves? And does he ever get up during a strip show?

I have released Denmark’s best men’s tricks, the Italian-born Alex the Great.

Why did you become men’s strip ?

“I like the freedom of not having any boss in my life or a set 8-17 routine.

I’m a trained auditor, but when I saw some strip shows on television, I thought that I could do that too.

Then I did some amateur shows and could see that I could figure out.

Since then, I’ve improved my skills gradually. ”

What’s the worst at work?

“When your work is to be a feature for a party, people will always see a happy face and a good show.

On the bad days you have to take a mask and it can hurt, because I’m just a human being. ”

What’s the funniest job you’ve ever had?

“Once I was booked by a large law firm, who asked me to make a surprise show for a woman.
They set up a meeting, and I should look in and complain about my unfaithful wife.
I had a ghettoblaster with, and I should say to the lawyer that I had the proof of infidelity on an admission. ”

“I sat in my suit and talked crap, and then I started the ghettoblaster. The music started and I turned up and she asked what I was doing. Then I got up and started dancing and she was wildly shocked. Then they opened the doors and overturned and clapped. I made a quiet and fun show. I should be careful – she was a lawyer! ”

“My shows vary greatly depending on the customers. Some people ask me to be wild and others to be more careful. I once made a show for some 80-90 year old women for a birthday party where I kept my pants dancing a bit and looking after their hearts. ”

Can you remember a polterabend here this summer, where you should make a show with the ‘Harry Potter’ theme?

“Ohhh … yes, yes! How the hell do you know about that? ”

It was my wife.

“Hahaha! Okay, congratulations! It was a really fun party. Your wife was a little shy but also very polite and sweet. I hope she was satisfied! Yes, I can also remember, because it’s the only time I’ve been asked to do something with ‘Harry Potter’. ”

“There are some fun things I’m asked for sometime, but I do not say anything because it’s too strange.”

When do you say no?

“Some people ask me to sneak in like a surprise in the morning while the girl is alone at home. But you can not just jump in that way people can get scared. Some queries are so strange that I think I’m actually much more normal than I thought. ”

How do you keep fit?

“I go to the fitness center five times a week, where I exercise with weights for 40 minutes. I usually eat. I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but do not eat quite a lot of meat, just chicken. I smoke and do not drink. But in comparison to the pictures on my website, I have also practiced a little extra before photographing. I do not always look like that, otherwise I will be insane! ”

Is not it strange to stand there naked while a lot of women staring at you?

“Good question. Now, it’s not that I’m spotty naked. But when you know that you are providing a service that makes people happy, you can have a good conscience and be relaxed in the meantime. To me it’s just a job and a joke, and so it does not feel strange. I’m naked, whatever. ”

Have you had any negative experiences associated with your job?

“Sometimes you experience a jealous boy friends. The lighthouses can be very double-moral. They do not like that their girls gets a strip show, but they might find that they are going to book a stripper lady himself. It’s often better when the lovers are not there so the girls can be released. ”

Do you get many offers from customers?

“I’m very professional, so I’m not up to that kind of thing.”

Can women find out to keep their fingers for themselves?

“No, but if the women get a little kidding and touch my chest or my ass, that’s part of the job. Some girls are very wild, but others are very classy. You can not be men stripper if you do not want to let the girls touch you. But of course the boundary between the legs goes but it is rare for the girls to do that. If I keep it clean, professional and respectful, the girls usually do the same. ”

Have you ever been raising during a show?

“Haha. No, never, never. Trust me. I’m too focused on dancing and being sweet and charming. That kind of thing does not cross my mind at all. My behavior does not open at all, so it can go in those directions. An erection would so much invite, so it is very important and basalt. I think that’s why old customers call and book me over and over again. ”

Alex the Great can be booked on his website I should say goodbye to my wife and say he is doing an excellent ‘Harry Potter’ show.


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